Coopers Gut Assist

  • Prebiotic and postbiotic oral powder for horses enriched with smectite
  • Mix in feed or dilute in warm water and administer using a syringe
  • Smectite is a clay which acts as an absorbent
  • Supports the gut during periods of moderate and severe digestive disturbance
Formulation: powder
Prebiotic: yes
Postbiotic: yes
Other constituents: Smectite – a natural clay
Short/Long term use?*: short
Intended use in adult horses: During periods of digestive disturbance
Intended use in foals: During periods of digestive disturbance
Recommended amount: Up to ½ a pot*
Administration: Mix with feed or add to warm water and syringe into horses mouth
Pack size: 500 g pot

* For further information, refer to product packaging

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