Does your horse need help this winter?

The winter months bring challenges to many horses. Colder temperatures and inclement weather mean poorer pasture quality and less nutrients in grass. Older horses in particular may find it difficult to digest their feed effectively and this can result in them struggling to maintain condition. Feeding Coopers Gut Support helps support the healthy bacteria in the hindgut improving digestion and helping to maintain optimum body condition.

The Coopers Gut range contains a mixture of prebiotics and postbiotics which support the beneficial (good) bacteria and therefore support normal gut function. Keeping your horse healthy from the inside out.

Coopers Gut Support is in a pellet form to be mixed with feed or fed alone. It is also naturally rich in free amino acids and amino acid derivatives which help maintain optimum body condition.

Worming history, teeth and general health will all have an impact on your horse’s condition. It is very important that senior horses are regularly checked by a vet, to ensure any underlying problems can be addressed. If you have any concerns about your horse you should always contact your vet for advice.

Case Study 1

  • 30 year old gelding in poor condition.
  • Teeth had been examined and no significant abnormalities were discovered
  • The horse had been wormed appropriately
  • The addition of Coopers Gut Support was the only change in diet and management

    Day 0

    Day 60

Case Study 2

  • 23 year old gelding
  • Always had trouble maintaining body condition along with periods of digestive disturbance
  • No abnormalities with teeth or worming management
  • Coopers Gut Equalise was given for 5 days followed by Coopers Gut Support with no other change in diet or management.

    Day 0

    Day 29